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CHROMOTHERAPY – the Art of Healing with Colour Vibration

Ancient cultures believed that the seven colours of the rainbow relate to the body's seven main chakras. So, if you're feeling blue, a multi-coloured treatment could be just the thing your internal colour palette is yearning for.

The rainbow has long been a promise of hope and love for inhabitants of Earth: these auspicious moments afford us the unique opportunity to observe the colour spectrum of light that encircles us at all times. While the rainbow of colour can only be observed with our eyes under particular conditions of moisture, occurring simultaneously with the sun’s luminosity, in reality, this spectrum of colour bathes and serenades us in its beauty at all times

How does the Human Mind perceive colour & How are colours connected to emotions?

The light that the human eyes can detect is called visible light. It is a collection of radiations with different wavelengths which is part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

You must've heard people saying the sentence ‘’I am feeling blue’’

That’s because there are associations between emotions and colours.

It is demonstrated that sadness and emotions can influence several visual processes that are involved in perceiving colour.

According to a study conducted by The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), ‘SAD’ has become a very common problem nowadays, in the Northern Hemisphere in particular, where the sun is relatively is weak in winters so that no light enters into the body. As a consequence, psychological diseases manifest, mainly in the form of depressions.

In 1958, US scientist Robert Gerard conducted a study that claimed red stimulates and makes us anxious, while blue promotes calm. He also showed that colour could affect appetite, blood pressure and aggression.

The perception of colours is related to dopamine – and psychologists believe that the dopamine in our brains influences the way we distinguish colours.

A clinical study at NCBI states that Dopamine is a key element for motivation and its deficiency is associated with depression, apathy and lack of motivation.

One of the psychologists involved in the experiment, Thorstenson, said: “Our results show that humour and emotion can affect how we see the world around us”. So instead of seeing the world as it is, our perception is being highly influenced by our emotions.

The power of Colour vibrations and how they can be beneficial for your wellbeing

When we speak of colour, we mean energy waves. Every colour, each with its own frequency, is a form of energy so if your vibrations are off-kilter, the therapists can harmonise and rebalance them with the right colours.

Colour Vibration is an umbrella term that includes phototherapy, ultraviolet-light therapy, infrared therapy, and chromotherapy. Chromotherapy specifically refers to the visible light spectrum of colour and the healing benefits that colours have on the body and mind.

So, What Is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy uses the wavelengths of colour light to positively alter the biochemistry of the body to promote deep healing. It uses the colour spectrum composed of reds, greens, blues and their combined derivatives, that fall between the ultraviolet and the infrared ranges of energy or vibrations. These visual colours, with their unique wavelength and oscillations, when combined with a light source and selectively applied, provide the necessary healing energy and change required for the body.

Chromotherapy tools release wavelengths and frequencies that emit particular colours of light to induce a healing reaction in the body. Chromotherapy specifically combines the benefits of colour therapy with light therapy.

Therapist use the seven colours of the spectrum related to the seven main chakras - energy centres - of the body. Each centre is responsive to a different colour. Also, all vital organs have a direct connection with the skin through arteries, blood vessels and capillaries, and colour rays can affect the entire bloodstream through circulation and elimination of toxins.

Depending on your mood and physical health, the colour therapist will use specific colours to treat the afflicted parts of your body by the use of a set of tools to direct colours to the electromagnetic body or the aura (energy field) around the body, which in turn transfers energy to the physical body. This makes chromotherapy a very effective and subtle therapy.

Why see a colour therapist?

Chromotherapy is a treatment that can benefit people because of its harmony with nature. Everything that exists in this world is a combination of different colours. The pineal gland is believed to be responsible for our feeling of oneness with the universe and sets the stage for the relationship between our inner being and the environment. If that relationship is harmonious, we are healthy, happy, and feel a sense of well-being. An imbalance in this relationship makes itself known in the form of disorders or disease in our physical, mental or emotional states. At Hathor Quantum Healing, we use a range of colour tools; at the start of each session, the client chooses some colours intuitively. Based on this choice and the information on the client’s questionnaire, the therapist will use a selection of coloured crystals and silks, which are tailored to each client’s treatment. We also use specific aromatherapy oils to complement and enhance the colour treatment.

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