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Image by Courtney Hedger


Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies of others around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.

- Barbara Marciniak

Concha, Hampton, London

Energy Healing

“Carmen’s Reiki and crystal therapy treatments are amazing. They really helped with my grieving and subsequent depression. I was fortunate to have a few personal treatments before lockdown and some virtual since then. I thoroughly recommend them”

Mar, Wembley, London

Energy Healing

“Carmen’s treatments are fantastic. She coached me and supported me through my transition to a raw food diet to help clear some strong allergies. I particularly love her combined energy therapy treatment as I feel so calm and see things from a clearer and positive perspective. Her energy work is amazing.”

Sefa, Alicante

Energy Healing

"I have been lucky to receive Carmen’s advice and therapies, while going through cancer. Healing through eating alkaline food, receiving Reiki energy and coaching support during this time, it was invaluable."

Laura, Nurse, Hampstead

Energy Healing

“Carmen was amazing, very gentle and calm. She explained everything to me, debriefed me after the session, and also gave me advice on what to do and what crystals to use. It was an exceptional first experience with crystal healing. She managed to pick up a lot of things about myself and helped me to relax and re energise with good energies. I highly recommend crystal healing with Carmen!.”

 Tobías MD

Energy Healing

“As a medical doctor, I usually apply scientifically based approaches, but am very aware that some effects cannot (yet) satisfactorily be explained by science. So when I had a series of unexplained health issues which also impaired my vision, I turned to Carmen’s help. The effect was dramatic with immediate improvement of my blurry vision and discapacitating headaches and the following sessions further improved on the conditions. Carmen’s remote session have helped me resolve serious issues for which no medical treatment had been of assistance and I am extremely grateful for helping me through these distressing times.”

Vanessa, London

REIKI Master/Teacher

“I am delighted to have trained and achieved my Reiki First Grade with Carmen. She is passionate, extremely knowledgeable and experienced Reiki practitioner who loves sharing her knowledge with others. I can't wait to do my Reiki II with her!”

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