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Image by Caley Dimmock


The only absolute duty we have is to manage our energy, as our vibrancy, stamina and emotions dictate how we work, love, move, worship, relate and lead.

- Brendon Burchard

  • Energy Healing

    Integrated Therapies: 5 therapies in 1 treatment
    Valid for 3 months
    • Reiki
    • Crystal Healing
    • Chromotherapy
    • Chakra and Aura Balancing
Image by Mohamed Nohassi

Service Description

My Integrated Energy Healing Therapy treatment, combines Reiki, Crystal Healing, Colour, Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing.


I work on the main organs and meridians using these energy techniques and personal healing tools and symbols, in combination with specific aromatherapy oils, to unblock and balance energies.


This is a deeply restorative, healing and transformative treatment.

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